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Game studioPragmatic Play
Progressive jackpotNot
Free SpinsYes
Automatic gameYes
Fast spinsYes
Minimum stake0.2 EUR
Maximum bet100 EUR

Try your luck and play this casino game for real money – your chance to win big is here!

Sweet Bonanza slot review

Sweet Bonanza slot review

Sweet Bonanza is one of the favorite slots from Pragmatic Play. Why is that so? When you combine its medium volatility, high return to player of 96,60% and the guarantee of fairness from an established game developer, it's easy to see why players love this slot so much. A bright, sweet theme further sweetens the offer and makes this slot extremely fun.

Who is Pragmatic Play?

Who is Pragmatic Play?

Pragmatic Play is a leading developer in the online and mobile gaming market. With almost a decade of experience in game development, there are games in almost every online casino you can imagine. In addition to Sweet Bonanza from 2019, Pragmatic Play is also known for:

More famous slots like Gates of Olympus, Jewel Rush, Lamp of Infinity and many more; Various sports betting solutions; Other types of games in internet casinos.

Furthermore, Pragmatic Play has a valid license to offer online casino games and other betting software in more than 20 countries. As a result, it is one of the most well-known and trusted game developers in the casino industry.

Pragmatic Play's trademark includes medium to high volatility games with very high returns to the player (via 95%). His games usually offer many ways to get combinations. Although slots are completely random, Pragmatic Play programs its games with fair odds in mind, ensuring an enjoyable betting experience.

What is Return to Player (RTP)?

Not familiar with casino games? RTP stands for "return to player". It's a metric that shows how much money people spend on a game (by paying spins) is returned to players as winnings.

Sweet Bonanza, like other Pragmatic Play slots, has a very high RTP, which means that most of the invested money is returned to the players. However, note that the distribution of payouts varies. It is possible for 100 players to stake 10 $ each and only one of them secure the jackpot of 965 $, which would still be an RTP of 96.5%, even if in this scenario 99 out of 100 players lost.

How does Sweet Bonanza work?

How does Sweet Bonanza work?

Sweet Bonanza is another successful slot game from the hitmaker Pragmatic Play. In addition to the catchy sweet theme, it can impress you with its fun mechanics, such as the generous feature of falling symbols or the two types of bets before the start of the round (we will cover them in more detail below).

Feel free to try it out for yourself by playing the free demo above. But if you need a little more help understanding the game, all its symbols, winning combinations and the most optimal strategies, keep reading!

Sweet Bonanza game rules

If you've played other slots before, you'll get the hang of Sweet Bonanza right away. Apart from one or two special features, it follows the rules you know from other slots. But for those of you trying it out for the first time, here's exactly how the slots work.

First of all, Sweet Bonanza has six blinds that spin vertically on every spin, i.e. every "go" in the game. Each reel contains repetitions of all multiplying symbols, in this case different candies and fruits which we will explain in a moment. At the end of the spin, the reels will stop moving and display five rows of symbols. Your winnings will depend on which symbols you get and how many of them you get in one spin.

Players place a bet before each spin, paying for the spin of the slots. However, the fun part comes when you get a lot of the same symbols or win free spins in the bonus round, which allows you to continue playing without spending your deposit.

Main gameplay elements in Sweet Bonanza

Main gameplay elements in Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza has several unique gameplay elements that make it so special. The most prominent is the rolling streams system, where all winning symbols are removed after a payout and replaced with new ones, creating the potential for new winning combinations.

There is also an ante bet, where players can choose their random multiplier in advance. There are two different ante bets, each with its own advantages. The first is a 20x multiplier bet, which allows you to purchase an additional round of free spins. Another option is a 25x multiplier bet, which doubles the chances of triggering the bonus round.

Sweet Bonanza multiplier symbols and paytable

Here is a detailed overview of all the multiplier symbols and other features in the Sweet Bonanza slot:

  • Candy hearts: 50x for 12+, 25x for 10-11, 10x for 8-9
  • Oranges: 15x for 12+, 5x for 10-11, 2x for 8-9
  • Plums: 25x for 12+, 10x for 10-11, 2.5x for 8-9
  • Cherries: 12x for 12+, 2x for 10-11, 1.5x for 8-9
  • Lemon: 8x for 12+, 1.2x for 10-11, 0.8x for 8-9
  • The loli symbol is a Scatter and can significantly increase winnings

Maximum winnings of the Sweet Bonanza slot

Maximum winnings of the Sweet Bonanza slot

The theoretical maximum win of the Sweet Bonanza slot is 21,175x the stake, making it a slot with high winning potential. This can happen during the free spins round with multiple scatter symbols and 100x multiplier bombs.

In reality, the biggest win recorded was 5,000x the stake, which is still a huge win. Medium to high volatility means that big gains are rare but definitely possible.

The best strategies to win Sweet Bonanza

Although slots are random, there are a few strategies that can help increase your chances of winning:

  1. Use the demo mode to practice and learn the symbols/rules
  2. Set a spending limit and stick to it
  3. Activate the ante bet options for higher bonus chances
  4. Target the scatter symbols during the bonus round to re-trigger
  5. Enjoy responsibly and have fun!

Tips and tricks to win Sweet Bonanza

Tips and tricks to win Sweet Bonanza

Here are some useful tips for the game:

  • Learn the paytable and symbol values by heart
  • Follow the multipliers near the scatter symbol during the bonus
  • Don't spend all the money at once, spread it out
  • Always check the RTP before playing with real money
  • Turn off the sound if it's distracting or frustrating

Good luck and have fun with this sweet slot!

Frequently asked questions 

Is Sweet Bonanza a real slot?

That! This game is a real slot with six reels and five lines, resulting in 30 potential winning positions. It works just like slot machines in offline casinos, it just relies on a code to function.

What is Sweet Bonanza slot like?

Sweet Bonanza is a 6×5 slot of medium volatility. Its theme is based on candy/fruit, and it has a bright, colorful design. The estimated return to player (RTP) for this slot is around 96% to 96.5%, depending on the player's bet settings.

What are the odds of winning the Sweet Bonanza slot?

Like other slots, Sweet Bonanza is completely random. Therefore, there is no mathematically valid way to calculate individual player's chances of winning. However, Sweet Bonanza RTP is 96.5%.

Is Sweet Bonanza the best Pragmatic Play slot?

What determines the best slot? Is that his RTP? Theme? Pragmatic Play has developed several slots, each with a uniquely engaging theme, and all with a high RTP. Therefore, it is impossible to say which one is the best. Ultimately, each player should decide which slot he likes best and best meets his needs.

Does Sweet Bonanza Pay Real Money?

Yes, it pays! When a player has a winning round, all his profits from winning combinations, multiplying bets, scatters, rolling streams, etc. are added up and paid out at the end. Alternatively, you can use the profits to buy additional spins if you want to continue playing. But if you are hoping to withdraw your winnings, know that it is indeed real money!