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Lotto Fever: An Introduction to Croatian Lottery Games

Lotteries have a long and treasured history here. Since 1973, players have tried their luck in games run by the state lottery, Hrvatska Lutrija.

The two most popular options are:

  • Lotto 6/45: Pick 6 numbers out of 45. Hit all 6 to hit the jackpot! These classic draws are held twice a week.
  • Lotto 7/35: Choose 7 numbers between 1 and 35. Correctly guess all 7 winning numbers to get rich! Draws are held once a week.

Can't decide between them? Why not play both!

If you don't succeed in the first attempt, don't lose hope! Lotto tickets may also qualify for a second chance. This additional “second chance” lottery automatically enters your ticket numbers into an additional drawing if they are not initially won.

Let's explore how to play these money making games…

Playing Lotto 6/45 and 7/35: A simple step-by-step guide

The lottery process is simple. Follow these steps when playing for a shot on the big stage:

1. Choose your numbers

  • Lotto 6/45: Pick 6 numbers between 1-45 on a computer generated lottery ticket or coupon.
  • Lotto 7/35: Choose 7 numbers between 1-35.

Feeling random? You can also select Quick Dial and get assigned numbers automatically.

Advice from a professional: Check the Lotto statistics page to see frequency graphs of previously drawn numbers. Some devotees use these to guide their choices!

2. Choose your coupon

You can play the lotto in several ways:

  • Pre-Filled Coupons: Mark your numbers on pre-filled coupons available at kiosks.
  • Internet tickets: Buy via the official Hrvatska Lutrija web portal or mobile application.
  • Lottery Terminal: Enter your selections directly into authorized lottery terminals. They print your official ticket.

Each method works equally well - choose what works for you!

3. Wait for the draws

  • Lotto 6/45: Drawings every Tuesday and Friday at 9 p.m
  • Lotto 7/35: Results published on Thursdays at 21:20

Tune in to HRT2 to watch the numbers live or watch on the Loto YouTube channel. You can check the results immediately afterwards and online. Bite your nails with excitement!

Now we'll unpack how a second chance gives you…

Second Chance for Wealth: How Second Chances Work

What if your numbers don't add up at first? With Second Chance, certain non-winning Lotto tickets are entered into an additional drawing for another chance at fortune.

Follow these steps:

1. Play Lotto as usual

Buy valid tickets for Lotto 6/45 or Lotto 7/35. These serve as your second chance entries IF they do not have total matching numbers.

2. Tickets automatically qualify

If your ticket falls short of a full winning combination, all your selected numbers are instantly eligible for the next second chance drawing. You don't need to do anything extra.

3. Second chance draws take place

  • Lotto 6/45: Every Wednesday
  • Lotto 7/35: Held with main drawing 7/35 on Thursday

Check soon if Lady Luck has smiled twice on you!

Scoring winnings: How to check Lotto and second chance results

The game is the easy part. Stuttering? Waiting to find out if we were struck by misfortune or struck by luck!

Here's how to check the fate of your numbers:

  • Online: The fastest way. The results are currently published on the official Hrvatska Lutrija website, and will also be displayed in your user account if you played online.
  • Mobile application: Download the HL Lottery application to have the results in your pocket.
  • Retail: Go to authorized Lotto retailers such as newsagents and lottery shops. Staff have access to the latest results to check your ticket.
  • TV: Tune in to HRT2 to follow live lottery draws and announcements of winning numbers.
  • Newspapers: Daily newspapers such as Večernji List publish the winning numbers of each round.

Advice from a professional: Always keep your ticket safe until after the draw! You will need it to claim any winnings or prize money.

Whenever those lucky signs coincide, it's time to…

Collect Your Winnings: Checking and Claiming Lotto Prizes

You did it! Your ticket shows all the numbers drawn, which means only one thing - YOU WON! 🎉🎉

But don't spend that money just yet. Here's the process to officially verify and claim your prize:

✔️ Check your ticket

  • Online: Log in to your account on the Hrvatska Lutrija website. Registered users can check winnings and ticket validity status.
  • Authorized locations: Take your ticket to licensed Lotto vendors such as newsagents and lottery shops. Staff can scan tickets for instant confirmation of any winnings or pay smaller prizes up to HRK 500 immediately!

✔️ Look for your reward

  • Big wins: Contact Hrvatska Lutrija headquarters directly to start processing the payment of substantial prizes above HRK 500.
  • Smaller Amounts: Retailers pay out prizes of up to £50 in cash instantly, so you can celebrate your big win now!

And that's it, you'll have enough kuna to pamper yourself thanks to Lady Luck!

Try your luck today by playing Lotto and Second Chance!

Now you have the inside scoop on how to play – and win! – the most popular lottery offers in Croatia.

With such huge winnings up for grabs, anyone can become the country's next multi-millionaire with a simple ticket entry. Why not be that lucky winner?

Will that be your fate thanks to Lotto or his second chance bonus lottery? Only one way to find out.

Get a ticket and let luck smile at you!

Frequently asked questions

How to play Lotto?

To play Lotto, you must select 6 numbers between 1-45 for Lotto 6/45 or 7 numbers between 1-35 for Lotto 7/35 on an official lottery ticket or coupon. You can choose your own numbers or use the Quick Pick option for randomly generated numbers. Tickets can be purchased at authorized lottery kiosks, vendors or online.

When are the Lotto draws held?

Lotto 6/45 draws are held every Tuesday and Friday at 9 p.m. Croatian time. Lotto 7/35 draws are held once a week, on Thursdays at 21:20. You can watch the draws live on HRT2 or check the results immediately afterwards on the Internet.

What is a second chance draw?

The second chance draw gives Lotto players a second chance to win if their ticket does not match all the numbers in the main Lotto draw. Eligible tickets are automatically entered into the second chance draw - held on Wednesdays for Lotto 6/45 and Thursdays for Lotto 7/35. This provides another opportunity for happiness!

Where can I check Lotto and second chance results?

You can find the latest Lotto and second chance results on the official website and mobile application of Hrvatska Lutrija. The results are also displayed at authorized lottery sellers and published in newspapers such as Večernji list. Follow HRT2 to see the drawing of the winning numbers live.

How to look for a Lotto prize?

If you win up to HRK 500, you can immediately withdraw your prize in cash at the retail outlet where you bought your ticket. For larger amounts above HRK 500, contact Hrvatska Lutrija headquarters directly to start processing the request for payment of your jackpot winnings. Be sure to sign your winning ticket for security.